We Have Answers! (FAQs)

The most common questions we get from customers

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Q: How does this process work?

A: When you contact us, we’ll ask a few questions about your job, and set up a time, for a free in home estimate that is convenient for you. During the estimate we will discuss your project ideas, estimated time frame, material selections, and take measurements. We’re there to answer any questions you may have about us & your project. We then send the estimate in writing, so you can take your time and look over it. If you have any questions about the estimate, please fell free to ask. There is never any pressure sales tactics. When you decide to go with us, we will then come back with a written contract and schedule a start date.

Q: Are there any hidden fees or charges?

A: Absolutely not, the price you are given in your contract is the final price. If there is any additional work, beyond the original contract that is requested by the customer, those prices will also be given in writing, before the work begins.

Q: Do you offer in house financing?

A: No. At this time we choose to not offer in home financing because in our experience you will get a better rate at your personal bank, or a company that competes for your business with multiple offers and competitive rates.

Q: Will you stay on my project until it is completed?

A: Yes! In fact, we get material together, before we start any demo. The last thing a customer wants is to take out an existing kitchen or bath, and then find out there is a delay getting the flooring or cabinets, which holds up the entire project. Once we start your project, our focus is on your project.

Q: Part of the work is done, will you do a partial project?

A: Yes! We have had customers who either had another contractor start, and then for varying reasons not be able to complete it correctly, or unfortunately didn’t honor their word and return. We will inspect the work, and give you a written estimate with the scope of work needed, and price to complete your project. We have also had customers that were confident in doing part of the project themselves. All work we perform is still guaranteed by us.

Q: How realistic is the estimated time frame to complete the project?

A: Our estimated time frame to complete the project is 100% realistic, and our goal. With that being said, if it takes 8 working days instead of 7 working days to complete your project CORRECTLY, that is what matters most. You will never walk into your new space and say, “I really love this bathroom, but I wish they were done a day sooner.”

Q: What if something does go wrong with my project?

A: Life happens, and it doesn’t always go as planned. No one can promise that nothing will ever go wrong. With that being said, what we can promise 100% of the time is this, if something does go wrong, we will make it 100% right. That is what makes a great contractor, great!

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Q: What if I change my mind about something during the job?

A: Design is an ever changing, and fluid process, sometimes customers want a certain paint color, or they didn’t think about adding a light, and then as they see the project coming together and that completely changes. That’s not a problem! just talk to us. Normally, as long as the material isn’t installed, we can make the change rather easily, depending on availability of materials. We will discuss any desired changes, if it affects the estimated time frame, and if there is a change in pricing, that will be provided to customer.

Q: What do I need to prepare for the project to start?

A: We ask that all personal items be removed, including jewelry, money, & cards. We don’t mind helping with moving things like furniture, or common household products to complete our project though. We will also take care of covering furniture in plastic, and covering floors with tarps.

Q: What makes your shower/bath construction better than others?

A: We use hardi backer board in all wet areas like showers and baths, greenrock just isn’t sufficient. The hardi backer is then sealed with red guard, for waterproofing, & crack suppression. Our curbs (the step into the shower) and shower benches, are made with solid concrete. Wood curbs and benches settle, & crack. That allows moisture in, which eventually causes the wood to rot, and the shower leak. Every step of our shower process is designed to guide the water towards the drain. The subfloor, top of curb, shelves, & niches, are all sloped slightly towards the drain. If there is a decorative border or accent in the shower, we plan ahead, to accommodate any difference in thickness to insure a smooth & level finish.

Concrete bench, hardi backer and red guard
We insure to set decorative elements so they are flush and level with the main wall tile.

Q: What if I have a warranty issue?

A: Just call us, that’s it! No red tape, no complications. If it is an item that we guaranteed, and you have an issue, just call us and that’s it! We truly do value our reputation, and always want things to be right for our customers.

Q: What if I want to supply and purchase my own materials?

A: No problem! We have many customers that want to buy their own materials. We also allow customers to buy on our accounts. The only exception we have to this, is using cheap quality, off brand materials that would adversely affect the quality of the project.

Q: What if I have a unique request?

A: Ask! For the dog lovers, we’ve built raised dog wash “showers” in laundry rooms/ mud rooms, built-in dog kennel space under staircases, We have added exhaust in poker rooms for the cigar smoke, installed salon areas including vanity and shampoo bowl, used a huge boulder as a shower seat in a lakeside vacation cabin. We had a customer that wanted the shape of Texas cut out, in her tile that she chose for her fireplace. Steven cut this with a diamond bit, by hand! If you dream it, ask, and we will do our best to make it happen!

Q: What if I have a list of projects, but can only do so much at a time?

A: No problem! Again, we don’t like pressure tactics, and we can either submit our bid as a complete project, or a la carte! Then you can choose where to use your budget now, what you can do later.

Q: What is the main reason why I should choose American Tile and Remodel?

A: Above all else, we value our reputation, which means we treat customers, how we would want to be treated. We are transparent with pricing, complete jobs in a timely manner with high quality craftmanship, and we’re insured.

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